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Criminal and family law is our specialty
Our criminal and family law attorneys in Thomasville, NC can handle disputes regarding issues of child custody to domestic violence to juvenile crime. If you have any kind of criminal or family dispute, we can help you out. What constitutes a criminal or family dispute? All kind of things. At our Thomasville firm, we work hard to support our clients, no matter the situation at hand.


Family can be great -- at times. At other times, family is simply a burden. If you have a family member that you're current fighting with, and the matter has escalated to legal heights, don't try to go at it alone. We can help you solve your dispute...and keep your family intact, if that's what you want. In fact, our lawyers can handle relationship disputes of most kinds. Whether you have a problem with a partner, a construction company, someone you employ, or someone you see every day, we are here to help you settle your dispute. 

Come and see us in Thomasville for a family law attorney that you can count on. 
Family law attorneys in Thomasville, NC
Family law attorneys in Thomasville, NC

Family law

Attempting to tackle a sticky family matter on your own can end up negatively impacting a number of people. Why risk such repercussions when our dedicated criminal and family law attorneys are on hand to offer guidance when you need it most? We are well-versed in matters of family law, including:
  • Divorce, legal separation & property distribution 
  • Domestic partnerships 
  • Child custody/visitation 
  • Child support & Alimony 
  • Domestic violence
To set up an appointment or learn more about the work of our family law attorneys in Thomasville, call Mills and Hauser LLP today.

Criminal law

If you've been recently charged with a crime, take a moment to breathe and consider your options. It's natural to feel scared and alone, but there's help nearby! Our criminal law attorneys at Mills and Hauser LLP Attorneys at Law can fight for you regarding matters of:
  • Drug crimes 
  • Violent crimes 
  • White collar crimes  
  • Juvenile crimes  
  • DUIs
Call us to make an appointment, or come and see us today. You don't have to feel hopeless -- We can work it out for you! 
Criminal law and family law attorneys in Thomasville, NC
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