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Our traffic law attorney is on your side in Thomasville, NC

Working with our DUI and traffic law attorney in Thomasville, NC means working with somebody who understands where you come from and who you are. Our local attorneys know your town, and we understand local disputes. Whatever legal problems you are facing, we can help. Please call us today with any questions you might have. We also welcome you to stop into our office for additional information, or to set up an appointment.  

Traffic Law

Whether you're facing a traffic violation from something as minor as failing to signal when changing lanes, as serious as reckless endangerment, you're dealing with the law. Our traffic law attorney can help you wade through the implications of your infraction, and help solve your legal issues, whatever they may be. However minor you may believe that speeding ticket to be, protect yourself from tougher legal penalties -- call our traffic law attorney today. We're great negotiators -- in fact, that's what we do best. Come in and see us in Thomasville to arrange a meeting.
Are you stuck in the middle of a legal battle? Need help?

DUI law

You're certainly not the first to be caught driving under the influence. This is one of the most commonly committed crimes in the United States. But before you take your charge lightly, be sure to discuss with our traffic law attorney in Thomasville. There may be something you're not aware of that could bite you in the back. Our lawyers will help you: 
  • Understand your charges 
  • Become aware of your rights under the law 
  • Identify illegal police actions (such as failure to read Miranda Rights) 
  • Determine which defenses apply to your case

We speak local law

Local laws can differ from other laws. Why hire an attorney who works somewhere else? We understand what kinds of laws you are up against, and we know how to handle any dispute that comes your way. 

Are you stuck in the middle of a legal battle? Need help? We are just a phone call away.

Let us look over your case and speak your mind for you. 
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